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    Conceptive city soon to contract and birth a child of it's own rats and
    I was waiting. I've been waiting long enough to eat this town. What
    Was found on the wall was written by a third grader and read "I was
    Found like molten rats in your city unkept, in your city I wept." Now
    This takes us to well groomed children cross legged groping at braille
    Trying to read their creators name. In fervor and panic wanting to go
    Home in mini van and good smells. In tandem with mom, tranquilized in
    Defense. All your mothers and fathers sisters and brothers head to
    Hills overlooking building of banks and telephone operations.
    It was then they saw the born purpose. To excavate holes and reproduce.
    To eat the sweeping of it's forefathers thought fullness. To eat the
    Bygones unwanted. To spread disease in sects of three.1-2-3. And all
    In all there is nothing left. Chicken feed left for your heirs. Streets
    Leaked with sewage for the mind. I was waiting long enough to take
    This town.

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