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    I've drank from the neck of gods most beautiful creation.
    I've stared in the darkness of her ever shutting doors.
    Your old scares you open.
    I'm telling you to leave them alone.
    Digging around in the opening you still find nothing new.
    There isn't anymore blood running to that part of your arm.
    Like a composition doll we will glue you.
    All you felt, everything you felt.
    Was meant for you.
    It is all always meant for you.
    It was meant to hurt you.
    Chemicals wasted days,
    Chemicals forgotten night, chemicals wasted days.
    She wounds hard.
    I ask why are you opening up your old wounds?
    You already know where they came from.
    She thinks it's all she's got, it's not all she's got.
    Drinking the necks of your loved ones.
    Living off the life of someone.
    You eat the hearts of your loved ones.
    We drink from the necks of all our loved ones.
    Tell the future to come in the back door,
    Tell all the stars that there are stars no more.
    I am the cloud that hangs over this cities towers.
    I am the body that becomes your april showers.
    So I am this cities tears that roll into the gutters.
    I am the water killing your front lawn.
    I watched your tears roll into the cities gutters
    And I used them to water my dying front lawn.
    (It's everything.)

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