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    Stop this sitting on an overdressed feeling.On a morning come down it
    Seems so unfitting. Be caught in a waste lite only by me in this into
    The sea. An early malnourished. False in misplacement of dry eyes show
    To much of me. Coming or am I going? The city lights too bright to
    Save me or be seen. Hum me along. Take me these where it seems fit. At
    Least you're in then out. You come around and I use my mouth. It's a
    Slow build and you've built it well. The eyes shot a perfect pitch.
    It's all in the distance. All in the time and time moves slow. It's
    Not in the moment because moments they lapse. But this will stay here
    With me. Dropped, picked it up, and put it back down. You've seen the
    Low times. You're the fine line. You're the sky, ground, wind, pillow
    And sheet. Mouth speech clicking clocks. In a moment of absence alone
    On a mattress in an old room.Despite any distance, moment or instance.
    You know you're here with me.

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