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    Just happened one day at rehearsal in Claregalway.
    Anyone who's ever been infatuated by a stranger will know what it's about

    You don't have to look
    You know that i will first
    Istood beside you
    In the chip
    Iwas dyin with the thirst
    And maybe I'd step forward
    If the worst came
    To the worst and say that

    You got me on the run
    All I want in the whole
    Wide world is for us
    To have some fun
    You got me on thr run

    I bet you don't remember
    The first time that we met
    It was summer '88
    Did you think that I'd forget
    You were walking
    In the August rain
    With your hair all getting wet

    Oh You got me on the run

    I would'nt ask you
    To lie or to steal
    To worship or serve me
    To crawl or to kneel
    I'd just love to hold you
    Like I do in my dreams
    I'd just ask you to be
    My girl
    Oh and you got me........

    Copyright: L.Moran/D.Carton

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