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    A friend that you can trust in
    Any midsummer's burning sky
    Understanding of a druid
    And the innocence of a child
    Memories of snowflakes
    And of those who understood you
    There're all gone now
    I only wish for you the world of good

    All your precious photographs
    And all your favorite dreams
    When the years have gone behind you
    That chance to be nineteen
    Children in your likeness
    Of the same inspiring blood
    And a man who makes you happy
    I only wish for you the world of good

    The sky at night and the open sea
    A clear refreshing mountain stream
    Tir-na-nog and Robin Hood
    I wish for you the world of good

    A box of sìog hand- me-downs
    That follow you around
    A winding road that leads you to
    Another stronghold town
    I know you'd take me with you
    If you really thought you should
    But if you up and go alone
    I wish for you a world of good


    Through the Screaming of your childhood
    In a land that's torn apart
    And the chilling cold of violent deeds
    Somehow strengthens your warm heart
    Your gentle firm and peaceful ways
    Have long since well withstood... the darkness in this country
    I only wish for you the world of good  


    Oh I love you girl and I always will
    You know you're part of my life still
    Though times have changed .... it's understood
    I wish for you the World of Good ..... the World of Good

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