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    I got sunglasses
    And I got the shorts
    I got factor 50
    And a t-shirt of course
    I've been shopping in penney's
    I've walked out to dunne's
    I'm all set for the summer
    All set for the sun

    Oh god will it ever stop raining?
    Oh god, will it ever stop raining?

    Booked into a hostel
    In the town of kilkee
    We looked out the window
    At the mist on the sea
    We hit ballybunion
    A nice howd'you do
    Chocolate and bingo
    And a dose of the flu

    Oh god.......

    Kiss me Iâ??m Irish
    We got barred from the pub
    She stole all my money
    I thought it was love
    And then the wind blew my ice-cream
    Onto the sand
    I backed an oul' greyhound
    He stopped in front of the stand

    Oh god........

    Copyright  D.Carton/L.Moran/P. Doherty/P.Stevens/D.Murray

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