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    Traffic stops. Clocks tick, tock.
    A victim â??s asking for the road to Knock.
    There's a crowd of boys at Sugar's door,
    Like yesterday and the day before.
    At the Pass machine beside the bank
    It saysâ?? Minks are kinkyâ?? â?? draw some tank.
    Don't look around if you hear your name,
    Cos they'll call it and they'll look away.

    The shades are steamed and driving slowly,
    Wondering which way to go.
    While the slash hook merchants stand and wait
    To pay respects at the graveyard gates.
    Here, buy a line, support the Stars.


    Can you tell me who the villains are?  
    Can anyone tell me who the villains are?

     High times are up for grabs
    Plastic pouches, grams,tabs.
    Come up the flat man, skin one up
    World class, yeah, tome enough.
    Well boys, story, truth?
    The bittersweet of misspent youth.
    Will one day fade away,
    Blacks and whites all turn to grey.
    Justice waits up the Dublin road
    Between the alley and the old-folks home
    In innocence personified
    The guilty all wear suits and ties.
    Some are driving fancy cars.


     Mé féiners at the door
    Politics, you know the score.
    Mawlya mungers, shake my hand
    Saying â??sorry for your troubles, Shamâ??
    And plámás stalks the last few pound
    â??Leave it with me now, that's sound.â??
    And liars compare their lies
    Frauds play broads with sly-head eyes
    There's liars, fairytales and lies
    Everyone's been telling lies
    Like the band up playing on the stage
    Teenage songs in middle age
    While the young lads burn their bass guitars
    And the big boys lick their credit cards.
    It's the grace of God that they got this far.


    Copyright: Moran/Carton

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