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    Tommy Kavanagh lived next door to Sun Street Studio. Witty , fearless and full of life , he was a talented Gardner and story teller as well as being Tuam's first ever D.J.

    Lets call out his name
    Tommy k tommy k
    Tommy k the d.j.
    Tommy k tommy k

    It's not today nor yesterday
    The times were different then
    The dancing was in dance halls
    And it had to stop for lent
    But one man kept it going
    With his home â??made twin-decks
    Sound â?? the bishop didn't like the
    Crack so the d.j. left the town

    Give us the locomotion
    Gimme dancing shoes
    Give us the mashed potato
    Give us the boogalloo
    And give us the words between the
    Songs to keep us on the floor
    When tommy's playing the records
    We'll be all night wanting more

    He's brave and courageous
    Upright and strong
    He gives us inspiration
    Helps us all to get along
    He'll be climbing up the hit parade
    Forever and a day
    This songs in his memory
    Immortal tommy k

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