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    To win just once would be enough
    For those who've lost in life and love
    For those who've lost their guile and nerve
    Their innocence, their drive and verve
    For those who feel they've been mistreated
    Discriminated, robbed or cheated
    To claim one victory inspired
    To win just once is their desire

    To win just once against the odds
    And once be smiled on by the Gods
    To race with speed along the track
    Break the tape and not look back
    To never have considered losing
    As if to win is by your choosing
    Bare you soul for all to find
    An honest heart and an open mind

    To Win just once
    That would be enough
    So come all ye fulltime smalltown heroes
    Cast away your inbred fears of
    Standing out from all the rest
    The cynics and the pessimists
    The self-indulgent almost rich
    The blatant hurlers on the ditch
    Time is passing so come on
    And face the ball, the game is on

    Copyright: L.Moran,/Davy Carton

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