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    There's more to me than you could ever know
    There's more to you than my eyes can see
    You live and learn, you watch your children grow
    You pass your judgment on what you see to be life's mystery
    This is me being me, that's just the way i am
    This is me being me........
    I can solve your problems with the tip of a glass
    I know what's good for you but not for me
    I see solutions you could never see
    When i'm in here looking out the whole world to me is a mystery
    This is me.......
    The power of greed and anger always frightens me
    Makes me want to curl up in my shell
    I've learned to come to terms with my own frailty
    I'm afraid i can't hide it very well - oh can you tell?
    This is me being me......

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