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    This used to be a sugar town
    The beet was drawn from all around
    They came and put their money down
    This used to be a sugar town

    This used to be a thriving place
    Full time work, semi-state
    Trucks and tractors coming late
    Wagons at the railway gates

    But the kids have dreams
    Brand new dreams
    They're in control of a bright
    New future
    The kids have dreams
    Oh the kids have dreams

    This used to help to keep me sane
    Walking down there in the rain
    In the darkness of a beet campaign
    This used to help keep me sane
    This used to put my mind at ease
    Sweet Molasses
    In the breeze

    But the kids have dreams......

    Sugar town , hanging around

    I see them in the morning going
    Out to school
    Laughing and joking , playing the Fool
    They've never known what it's like
    To be down
    Living in a sugar town

    But the kids have dreams.......

    Copyright 1998 D.Carton/L.Moran/P.Stevens

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