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    I prayed for you when I climbed the reek
    Me feet in bits, no boots or laces
    I prayed for you at the shrine in Knock
    I prayed for you at the Galway races
    Chicer makes, but not to worry
    Always a word for the nuns and priests
    Here, shake the hand that shook the hand
    Of the holy woman from the east

    And I want a G from Pat Mc Gee

    Sound sham , sound as a bell
    Thunder , you?re wide yourself
    Sound Sham sound as a bell
    Thunder , you?re wide yourself

    All dressed up and comb the thatcher
    The gimp and grace of an honest thief
    You wheeze chice and leave it with me
    Packets sham that you?re corn beef
    Pipe the gomey on the laygeft hammer
    The dust in his juke is burning a hole
    Step right up sir, find the lady
    nothing less than a score a go.

    And I want a G from Pat McGee

    Biros, biros, bingo, biros
    Lighters, lighters, four for a pound
    Recent photos of Saint Patrick
    Virgin burger and a garlic shroud
    Deck chairs, deck chairs, rakes of deck chairs.
    For when the pope mobile comes round
    We?re on a beano!
    Tom sham , sound sham sound.
    Tom sham , sound sham sound

    I prayed for you................

    Who?s his jills with the valentine slider
    Sling him a lush he?s a miller to go
    Plank the monkey, you can kiss my relic
    Button your clawber, your a holy show
    And I want a G from Pat McGee

    Sound Sham.........

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