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    Ya know that i'll be waitin
    At the square just hanging round
    For two hours every saturday
    The nuns let her out town
    And i buy us cups of coffee
    And she tells me all the news
    She's got a part in this years opera
    And who's just shifted who

    (what is she?)
    She's a fourth year dead freak
    Presentation boarder

    Was she at the match on sunday
    When we bet the lads from sligo
    We could've won by more i know
    I wish i did'nt miss that peno
    She says that she can stay with friends
    Saint patrick's weekend break
    So i brush me teeth now every night
    And i'm saving all my makes

    She's the last of her species
    Be no boarders anymore
    The nuns say it is far too dear
    To keep the girls away from home
    Ah! but who's gonna tease the boys now
    Standing at the window in the light
    And who's gonna pack out novena
    Every monday night

    Copyright: L.Moran/D.Carton

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