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    We don't know how great a flame
    Is being sought beyond the waters of these shores
    I'm lying here directionless
    Somewhere i hear the slamming of a door
    The darkest clouds were onto me
    I'd taken to the bed both day and night
    There were times when i'd turn back the clock
    I'd love to start again and get it right

    It's gone beyond a joke

    Diesel engines in the night time
    Drawing beet down to the factory
    The cead mile failte at the half door

    The bones of our ancestors
    Are buried in the field behind the shed
    They could be lying there oblivious
    Underneath cement before I'm dead
    Roundabouts and one way streets
    Double yellow lines to beat the band
    Still takes you longer to get anywhere
    Simple things so hard to understand

    It's gone beyond a joke
    I'm going out for a smoke

    I've seem the after-birth of beauty
    Where the genius' and the monster's worlds collide
    When the swinging of the pendulum's the strongest
    It's always the greatest, wildest ride
    With the evenings getting shorter
    I wonder can we forge another dream
    Gather up the pieces and assemble one more winning team
    A century's the most you'll see
    Not a long time really to be here
    Trying to get the balance right
    The health, the drugs, the lovin' and the beer

    It's gone beyond a joke
    I'm going out for a smoke...

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