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    So far from home
    My cry of pain
    Won't ease my longing heart
    I miss you mam
    I miss you dad
    I'm falling apart
    Now when I look out my window
    Through a winter's evening rain
    I see the same sky
    You see at home
    Somehow it's not the same

    I'm longing to get home
    How I miss all you loving smiles
    Oh how the winter bites
    When you're so far away
    For so long
    For far too long

    Is my girl still there
    Does she visit you
    Is she still as pretty as ever
    Does she ask for me..
    'Cos I long for her
    I need her more than ever
    Tell her it won't be long
    Until I'm home to stay
    I won't ever go again
    By her side I'll always stay
    I'm longing to get...

    Copyright: D.Carton

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