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    The streets were black with people twas the finest day so far
    All watching for the creatures
    On their way to Noah's arc
    She came hoppin' she came dancin'
    Near the head of the parade
    Twirling an umbrella
    And singing about the rain
    I saw her in the Macnas Parade
    Singin' and dancen' as the drummers played
    Hoppin' and skippin' sure
    She made my day
    I saw her in the
    Macnas Parade
    All the gang were rushing
    To board at claddagh basin
    There were preachers preaching
    "Please repent"
    And even snails were racin'
    God watched it from above
    A handshaped cloud
    Descended from the sky
    Nothing that i saw was
    More pleasing to my eye
    I saw her in the Macnas ...........
    I saw her in the warick
    The first Friday last week
    I tried to ask her dancin'
    But i could hardly speak
    I wonder what they'll think up
    For the big parade next year
    I'll tell you wan thing
    That's for sure
    I'll be a volunteer

    Copyright:(L.Moran/D.Carton/ P.Doherty)

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