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    INTRO (4 times)

    VERSE 1  
    I got a letter from Louise
    she says that things are getting better
    Theres more life on the streets
    since the calling of the ceasefire
    People are going out more
    all the pubs are jumping
    Every one is trying  
    and theyre hopeful for the future

    And the guns are locked away now
    please God, I dont care whose God
    I hope theyre locked away forever

    VERSE 2    
    She says shes keeping busy
    and theres loads of things for doing
    Shes moved into a new house
    and times just flying by
    She says I should come up again
    maybe for the weekend
    she says theyre throwing a party
    that'll last beyond the dawn


    VERSE 3      
    Halloween is on the way she says
    she writes about the harvest moon
    She says it will be lucky
    with its feeling of re-birth
    And i'm going up to see her
    for the first time since the ceasefire
    I'll pack my melodies and poetry
    and place them in her arms


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