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    A pen and paper beckon
    I still have your address
    Its written in my diary
    Top of the list,
    The day that you were leavin'
    I promised that I'd write
    But it wont be tonight

    Just how to keep a secret
    I don't know very well
    Rules are made for breaking
    Secrets to tell
    I'll try to never lose it
    Someday I probably might
    But it wont be tonight

    Tonight my heads in trouble
    And it really don't feel right
    The promise I will keep it
    But not tonight.

    I met her down in Taylor's
    At a session in the back
    You know how it happens,
    I followed old tracks
    And if I could put my
    Thoughts on paper
    It would'nt feel just right
    And it won't be tonight.

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