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    If only, if only

    Saw New York standing black and
    From Goethal's in the distance
    Haze plays on lights at night
    Wish i could watch and dream tonight

    Went to see her days ago
    Told her that i'd see her soon
    On her block she's flamingo
    Wish only i could tell her so

    If only, if only, if only
    I could tell her so

    Cos I watched the moon for hours
    Watched it sloely fade away
    Til my dreams turned into flowers
    If only i could tell her so

    If only...

    Left the place that sings to me
    Someday I'll stay and call it home
    Sign still reads ' No Vacancy'
    But the whispers keep on calling me

    If only....

    L.Moran/ D. Carton ©

    All Lyrics are ©opyrighted to The Saw Doctors and are provided here, For private study, criticism or reviewing only.© 2005

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