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    You don't say that you love him
    But it shows in every word
    When he played his favourite music
    Was the best you'd ever heard
    And you tell me that he couldn't watch
    The violence cut by men
    When all is quiet throughout the land
    I hope you meet again

    I hope you'll meet again
    I hope you'll meet again
    I hope you'll meet again
    I hope you'll meet again

    His feelings were as deep for you
    And maybe even more  
    Though you probably didn't show it
    You knew his heart was sure
    Though he left without  a single word
    It's better in the end
    There are no words to say goodbye
    I hope you meet again

    I never even met him
    But I know we'd be a pair
    We'd have sat in any pub in town  
    And had a good time there
    But there's something left between us
    Stands in both our ways
    When all these things are sorted out
    I hope we'll meet some day


    You tell me of his interests
    How he loved the sound of trains
    Whenever you hear that whistle
    It's calling out his name
    All the lonely years you suffered
    Remembering back when
    The days seemed so much longer
    I hope you meet again


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