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    Oh I watched the news at six o'clock
    It made me want to cry
    The oceans are polluted, we've damaged all the sky
    And there's wars and wars and rumors
    And a hungry baby cries
    Still we have to suffer
    Politicians lies

    Just gimme me the good news
    You can keep the bad
    Just gimme the good news
    The happy not the sad

    You're money , it never goes
    Far enough these days
    The rich just getting richer
    The poor man always pays
    The postman brings bad news
    The bills come through the door
    In those greedy little envelops
    Always wanting more

    Gimme the good news......

    You take the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties
    And you roll them into one
    Gimme the two sides of the story
    The mirror and the sun
    Put away the misery,
    Put away the gun
    Its been a hard Oul' century
    There's a better one to come

    this is the good news......

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