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    Hardly anyone had the tele'
    It was a different kind of world
    Heaven was a game of football
    Before I ever kissed the girls
    We used to go out driving
    We'd travel near and far
    Nearly every Sunday in me
    Father's oul' ford car
    He'd be pointing out the landmarks
    Everywhere we'd go, through the
    Twistings , turning , winding roads
    Of Galway and Mayo

    Me mother in the front seat
    Children in the back
    We'd be imagining Indians in the
    Fields waiting to attack
    And we'd be asking â?? are we nearly there?â??
    Wearing clothes that came
    In a parcel from America,
    The two of us the same

    He'd be pointing........

    There's a stillness in the summer
    Air , sheep dog lying in the sun
    Three young girls with butterfly nets
    Break into a run
    Now the time flies by like always
    I've got my own boy right now
    Like cowboys in the oul' corolla
    We go and drive around

    The land was let go lately
    But I take him out that way
    I show him where we cut the turf
    And where we saved the hay

    And I'll be pointing out

    The landmarks .........

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