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    everybody says that i'm getting older
    i can't stop aging, it's on my shoulders
    to get sober every time i see the state i'm in
    so what's so strange, i'm only human
    oh god help us, we're only human (x2)
    on this summer's night i'm glad to be alive
    everybody says it's time to live my life
    it's a state of mind but it feels just right
    i get reborn as the night moves on
    oh god help us, we're only human (x2)
    you waste your time working 9 to 5
    you play along, you can't decide
    you know what's wrong, you feel what's right
    you toss and turn, you can't sleep at night
    satellite up high, flying through the sky
    i spy i spy with my little eye
    wave the truth goodbye believe your lies are they watching me, ccctv
    oh god help us......
    my DNA is not for sale.......

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