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    Whispers keep on pushing me
    Tell me i've gone wrong
    Tellin' me be careful, one slip and you're gone
    It's getting late, getting dark now
    It's time i headed back
    When i find the right direction
    It keeps pushing me off track
    And there's a dark wind blowing, blowing from home (x2)
    I know i've made some big mistakes
    I know i'll have to pay
    I know i have a few regrets
    Who's been perfect all the way?
    Now the sun's gone down a good while
    And nature's disappeared
    The wind's got so much colder
    And it's playing on my fears
    And there's a dark wind blowing, blowing from home (x2)
    I think i get the message
    It's time to make my peace
    The more you pull against it
    You'll never be released
    I'll make it home i know i can
    There's battles to be fought
    The weather's changed since i left
    And it's harder than i thought
    And there's a dark wind blowing...........
    Blowing from home......

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