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    Will you meet me on Clare Island
    Summer stars are in the sky
    We'll get the ferry out from Roonagh
    And wave all our cares goodbye
    And we'll go dancing at the ceili
    We'll go kissing on the strand
    Take our clothes off in the moonlight
    Skinny-dipping hand in hand
    And we'll start drinking in the twilight
    Keep it up until the dawn
    In both the bars
    Because there's no guards
    To take our names and send us home.

    Will you meet me on Clare Island

    Gettin' weary of the city
    Seems so many things have changed
    Let's head off for Nora Dalys home
    Where she's walked
    It never rained
    So will you meet me on Clare Island
    And if there's wild and tall white horses
    And the swell rolls in the bay
    I won't care if the boat can't sail
    Sure we'll get home
    Some other day

    So will you meet me on Clare Island.

    (the locals say â??in â?? to the Island and out to the mainland but the song feels right from a tourists point of view)

    Copyright D.Carton/L.Moran.

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