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    This song was inspired by Ray Buckly , who loved to fish Lough Corrib. His final wish was fulfilled when his ashes were scattered over the waters of the lake.

    In the twilight of the evening
    Follow the tail light trail
    Like fairy lights in the boreens
    On the drumlins of the lake
    And fill the air with stories
    From early until late
    And fill your empty glasses
    Where I lie in wait

    Carry me away

    And when the moment feels right
    Take me to the shore
    With your torches and your flashlights
    Be careful in the boats
    Turn north at rabbit island
    And up past green fields bay
    May the night be calm and gentle
    And the moonlight light your way

    Carry me away

    And some where up near inchagoill
    In the embers of the night
    Switch of all the engines
    At the birth of dawns first light
    And someone sing a happy song
    When everyone's arrived
    And scatter me forever
    Where I've felt most alive

    Carry me away

    Where I'll hear the water lapping
    Up against the island
    See the may flies dapping
    Hear the trout a-rising
    And see the camp fire burning
    And the oul' black kettle boiling
    And hear a reel a-singing
    Off towards the horizon

    Carry me away

    Copyright D.Carton/L.Moran.

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