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    Roscommon CBS 1981
    A dreary afternoon
    We travelled down from Tuam
    I saw that open goal
    I can see it still
    Fifty-fifty ball
    You nearly got me killed

    You broke my heart
    Tore it apart
    We lost that spark
    When you broke my heart

    We might have won the game
    But I just did'nt care
    You went and let it go
    Just like I was'nt there
    I saw you commin' in
    I was'nt marked at all
    I had it in the net
    If you had passed the ball


    I was standing on the edge
    Of the parallelogram
    Roarin' me head off
    Pass it in sham
    Play it in low
    Don't hesitate or stall
    Will you open your eyes
    For Christ' sake
    Pass me the ball


    Their full-back was big
    But I was small and fast
    I had him left for dead
    If I had got that pass
    A girl can foul you up
    Tear your life apart
    There's more than just one way
    To break a young mans heart
    And you broke mine

    Copyright: Moran/Carton

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