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    We did everything together from an
    Early age
    Smoked our first fags behind the
    School hedge
    You captained the minors, I played in goals
    You could have played for Ireland
    Or so we were told

    We will always be
    The best of friends
    But I won't see
    The likes of you again

    Drainpipes and combats, sixteen
    Hole docs
    Played table â??soccer beside the
    Kathleen was smiling, you the
    But I shifted marie at the colgan

    We will always be....

    Leeds united lost the FA cup final in 1973 and Alan Clarke was pulled down in the box, de deserved a penalty, we hitched to the letterkenny folk festival in the rain , got a lift back home in the link-box of a massey 188

    Now I see you at weddings with
    Shiny new shoes
    Small talk of houses, the d.i.y. blues
    Hasn't been mentioned, I'd like to
    Say I wish I had seen you on you
    Wedding day
    We will always be...

    Copyright: P.Doherty

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