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    Tall, graceful, beautiful and noble, masters of all arts and alchemy
    The tuatha de danann ruled Ireland until the coming of the Celtic people. Retreating before the rougher ways of the invaders. The people of Danann (or Danu) Inhabited the high lonely places, eventually disappearing under ground in their fairy forts, and  the hills like Cnoc medha (or hill on the plain) near Tuam where Fin Bhera , King of Connacht fairies lives with Nula , his queen , and a host of the Sidhe.
    Called "Fairies" "the Good Folk" " the Gentry" "The wee Folk" or Sidhe(pronounced Shee) they love feasting , singing , dancing and music. Whenever they play their pipes you can hear their music as clear as day and it is the grandest kind of music. It may last half the night but once day comes it ends.

    Twilight, dawn, May and November eve are all times of the change when the mysterious entrance to the world of the fairies may become visible!  A Human who becomes enchanted on hearing fairy music, and dances all night on the hill will never return to the world of the humans and is referred to as being "away with the fairies"

    A twinkle of light
    Coming down from the mountain
    A wonderful, magical
    Sound from the hill
    A sound half-forgotten
    But still here inside me
    It calls me s gently
    I shiver and trill
    And we'll dance all night on
    The hill

    We'll go away with the fairies
    Back to fields
    And we'll climb the hill
    Away with the fairies
    Ah c'mon please say you will
    Ah c'com please say you will

    We can go to the world
    Of the legends and twilight
    The world of the wee-folk
    The fairy, the sidhe
    If we dance to their music
    We'll stay there forever
    In the misty oul' moonlight
    The dawn of the free
    And we'll dance and dance and dance
    And dance
    We'll dance all night
    On the hill

    Copyright D.Carton/L.Moran/P.Donnley/P.Stevens

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