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    l'm from the town drenched in football and rain
    that fathered the terrible twins
    tom murphy the footballer, playwright and singer
    he left to spread his wide wings

    where the dance halls once buzzing with shifts and refusals
    stand silent dejected and cold
    where they played basketball for a longer duration
    than anywhere else in the world

    we're all the way from tuam
         all the way from tuam
    with a rock solid spirit, that'll never be broken
    there's songs to be sung, and there's words to be spoken
    from the town that was built, where the cart wheel was broken

    we're all the way from tuam
         all the way from tuam

    l still remember, the white star being open(2nd chorus)

    (3rd chorus)

    no matter where you're from,everyone local

    where we'd spend  all the weekends to help pass the winter
    playing soccer above in parkmore
    or we'd travel away for a match into galway
    in the swamp or out in renmore
    they'd be calling us smokies the lads from the city
    but l didn't care what they called me
    just plank it in lively across for the noodle,
    sham his jills with the k.d's a gomey


    here in the town where the high king once ruled
    with the wisdom of ages gone by
    the grey stone cathedral spiers are dwarfed
    by a tall metal tower in the sky
    where the traveller's are settling, and the settled gone travelling
    the pubs full of gossip and rumour
    you'll never better the people of tuam
    for their power, passion, packets and humour


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