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    A minor final
    In caherlistrane
    He was a buffer
    I was a sham
    I was full forward
    He was full back
    And we fought each other
    To win that match
    Now we meet in a Melbourne bar
    Those old parish lines look so faint
    From afar
    I stood on the square while he did the tillage
    Here we are living in a global village
    We're all the one

    A travelling man's son
    Just settled down
    He was only half welcome
    In our holy town
    Spent all his young summers
    On the side of the road
    In the light of the stars
    A tent for a home
    In the class room the nun had a desk for
    Us all
    And a row for the tinkers along by the wall
    I met him to day in the shop he was slagging
    How'ya keepin' "ah sure pullin'and dragin' "
                      We're all the one

    We've all got hopes we've all got dreams
    And things we wished we'd done
    Everybody's somebody's
    Daughter or son
    We've all the one

    Copyright: (L.Moran/D.Carton)

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