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    When we first got together
    You were just turned nineteen
    And I'd have never dreamt
    All the things I'd seen
    All the nights that you'd left me
    Standing there like a fool
    And all the nightmares and flashbacks
    The tables are turning soon
    They're turning soon
    And it's all, all over now
    All over now
    I'm not pointing a finger
    I'm not saying it's your fault
    I had so many chances
    To get up and walk away
    I must have been blind
    As a person can be
    If love can do that
    Then that's what it did to me
    And it's all, all over now
    All over now
    Oh don't criticise me
    I can't understand
    How someone like me
    Could have sacrificed all he had
    All the time i spent chasing
    To the pool hall from school
    No education could have stopped me
    From being such a fool
    I was such a fool
    And it's all, all over now

    Copyright: (L.Moran / D.Carton/P.Doherty/J.Donnelly)

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