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    Never now how much I love you,
    Never now how much I care.
    When you put your arms around me,
    I get a fever that's so hard to bare.

    You give me fever,
    When you kissed me.
    Fever when you hold me tight.
    In the morning.
    Fever all trough the night.

    Sun lights up the daytime,
    Moon lights up night.
    I light up when you call my name,
    And you know I'm gonna treat you right.


    Everybody's got the fever,
    That is something you are now.
    Fever isn't such a new thing,
    Fever started long ago.

    Romeo loved Juliet,
    Juliet she felt the same.
    When he put his arm around her,
    He said Julie, baby you are my flame.

    (Refrein Anders)
    Now give me fever,
    When we kissed.
    Fever with the flaming youth,
    I'm afire
    Fever yeah I burn for sooth

    (Couplet 4)
    Captain Smith and pocahantas,
    Had a very mad affair.
    When her daddy tried to kill him,
    She said 'Daddy, o, don't you dare'.

    (Refrein Anders)
    He gives me fever,
    With his kisses.
    Fever when he holds me tight,
    I'm his misses,
    Oh daddy, won't you treat him right.

    (Couplet 5)
    Now you've listened to my story,
    Here's the point that I have made.
    Chicks were gonna give you fever,
    Be it Fahrenheit or centigrade.

    They give you fever,
    When you kiss them.
    Fever if you live and learn,
    Till you sizzle,
    What a lovely way to burn.
    What a lovely way to burn.
    What a lovely way to burn.
    What a lovely way to burn.

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