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    You don't have to tell me that you're going out
    You don't wanna see me is what it's all about
    I know you're needed and wanted badly
    east and west of the Mississippi

    You don't have to tell me who's been knockin' down your door
    It's not the first time, no, we've been there before
    I only called you to let you know
    I haven't seen you and I miss you so

    You don't have to stand there and tell me that you love me or anything
    There've been too many things we've been fakin'
    You don't have to play no games or think of reasons to call me names
    It's the last call that I'm makin'

    Honey, don't mislead me, just tell me how you feel
    And if you don't need me, hey, it's no big deal
    OK, I'm lyin' right through my teeth - and I'm dyin' underneath

    Let's get together, oh, baby, please
    Let's get together, I'm beggin' on my knees
    If it's all over, there's no need to cry
    All you have to tell me is goodbye

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