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    Hey, now woman, warm my soul.
    Shake the pain that grows inside me
    From your love that's grown too old.
    I want you more.
    Running, jumping, leaping, hopping
    Don't turn to go.
    Don't you turn, oh no.


    Can't you see me calling your name
    In the middle of a dark, cold night
    I need you so.
    Won't you please believe me when I say,
    "Hey girl, I love you so."

    Wait til morning comes,
    Never leave the heart you stole,
    Never leave me just some more.
    You're ev'rything I ever wanted even more.
    Sick, stoned sick sleeping in the corner,
    Praying to the mighty Lord
    Don't turn to go.
    Don't you turn, oh no.

    Repeat Chorus

    Hey, warm my soul

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