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    It's you
    It's you

    Hello baby, yes it's me again and I'm
    Looking for the rainbow's end
    It's hidden in your mind

    I'll tell you baby
    I think I can bring you through
    The answer lies within those lonely eyes of opal blue

    It's you, it's you
    I'll never find another love like you
    It's you, I would die if you should leave me
    Baby, baby, please believe me

    And don't you cry
    I'm here to dry your tears
    And in awhile I'll make you smile again and see it's me

    Hello baby, yes it's me again once more
    I know that we can find the love that we once had before
    I'll tell you baby I can't face another day
    And before the sun goes down tonight I have to hear you say


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