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    You don't know the pain of being left out in the rain
    And wanting you
    You don't know the times
    I spent all my precious times tryin' to get to you

    You don't know the hate
    I've been feelin' from the hurt
    From the bottom of my heart out to you

    I've been lyin' to myself
    I've been tryin' to improve
    I've been cryin' don't you go
    And dyin' cause I know
    I'll never (never) never get over you
    I tried so hard but I just can't do it
    I'll never (never) never get over you
    Maybe I'm not so sure you really want me to

    Baby you're aware no one else could really care
    The way I do
    Maybe your mistake is you've gotta have your cake
    And eat it too
    Maybe I'm insane tryin' to figure out your scene
    And I've got to see you soon to work it out


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