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    Not long ago you'd find me feeling so low
    I had some troubles that you just can't hide
    No time to start but livin' far from my heart
    I thought I'd take another look inside

    Lovers and friends will come and go like the wind
    and there is nothin' any man can do
    For what it's worth I'll make a home on this earth
    and I will hope that love will see me through

     I'll leave myself a little time for some gladness
     and even if I don't know why
     Tomorrow's gonna bring the sunshine to a brand new day anyway
     There's music in the air with laughter everywhere
     And love could be the reason why
     I'll leave myself a little time to go a different way

    I can't believe that now I'm singin' a song
    or that I'm laughin' with that great big sun
    No one I see has got a worry for me
    I'm keepin' old Mister Time on the run


    I'll leave myself a little time to go a different way


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