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    I can't start my day, girl, without thinkin' about ya
    I wake up in the mornin' and you're there on my mind
    I've been dreamin' about ya

    You start feelings runnin' through my head that need no explanation
    And the sweetness of your smile has captured my heart
    It's such a crazy sensation

       Whoa, girl, you make my day
       You're the smile on my face, you're the look in my eyes
       You're every breath that I take

       Whoa, girl, you make my day
       And I love you so much, I'll prove it in a thousand ways

    You don't know what it does to my heart when you're walkin' beside me
    I feel like a man who could conquer the world, girl
    When you're there to guide me
    You're the sunshine that I hold deep inside me when I'm cold  
    You're my tears and my laughter

    You're a thousand different girls that I've loved in different worlds
    You're my forever and after





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