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    Funny how you can go on livin'
    And lose the simple knack of givin'
    It slips away before you know it's gone
    Ya build up walls and before ya know it
    Someone moves you and you want to show it
    But you just can't find a way of lettin' on

    I've been alone to long
    Baby now don't you see
    I've been alone too long
    That's all that's wrong with me
    I want to build you a dream
    Paint you a sunrise
    Write you a beautiful song
    But I don't know how
    I've been alone to long

    Funny how you can cut off feelin'
    And tell yourself that your wounds are healing
    When all you've done is turn the pain inside
    And when your sure that no one can get to ya
    Someone smiles and it goes right through ya
    And wakes up somethin' that you thought had died


    I've been alone to long
    I've been alone to long
    I've been alone to long
    I've been alone to long

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