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    Follow me, love
    Into tomorrow
    We'll leave behind
    Our pain and sorrow
    We won't walk
    With Pizzaro
    Follow the man with the
    Flaming arrow!

    When the sun sets down
    When the sun sets down
    Gunpowder will wash the streets
    With Indian blood
    And the seeds of revolution
    Will grow tight around our
    Children's necks, like nooses,
    That are used to keep the slaves
    In check, in chains
    And decades later
    You still can't figure out why
    It still remains the same

    Come on love
    I know you want to
    Reclaim the streets
    With the Berlin statue
    We'll burn the streets
    Regrow the forest
    We'll rob the richest
    Give to the poorest!

    Wake up love
    I want some action
    Unlock the children
    They'll make it happen
    But if comfort
    Is your coffin
    Then pull the lever and
    Choose your killer!

    Come on love
    Choose your killer!
    Pull the lever! Choose your killer!
    Pull the trigger and
    Choose your killer!
    Pull the lever! Choose your killer!

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