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    How much time do you think that we have?
    If I wanted to I could start over again.
    Let the good night decide who she wants me to find.
    And I'd never let you drop another tear in my eye,

    Oh sha la la, listen, honey, here comes my man.

    And all my life I never had a chance.
    Don't you think I knew about all your pretty girlfriends?
    But I waited for you, gave you time to decide.
    But you never saw it from anybody else's side.
    So I packed up my things and I faced all my doubts.
    You know, I think I will grow all my hair back out.
    Never mind what you think, never mind what you like.
    I'll take it out to the street for somebody else to admire.

    Singing oh, sha la la, listen honey, here comes my man.

    And maybe time will tell you
    Why I've got so much hell to sell you.
    Please, please understand me.

    You can't just dance around me.
    Maybe your work will love you,
    When I'm just not there to hold you.
    Maybe your pride will be your companion.
    Oh, but I just won't be there to stand for it.
    Not one more minute will I stand for it.

    You'll find me singing, baby…
    Oh sha la la listen, honey, here comes my man

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