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    i've been a-searchin' all this wide world
    now finally i've found my
    candy girl candy girl

    i-yi-yi-yi found me a girl (candy girl)
    she-ee-ee-ee sets my heart a-whirl (candy girl)
    with huggin' and kissin' and lov-in'
    (she's mine) mi-ine (mine) mi-ine
    whoa-oa-oa-oh-oh (candy girl)

    we get along so well (candy girl)
    i know just why i fell (candy girl)
    she's thrillin' (thrillin') oh, chillin' (chillin'),
    yes she's so divine
    (she's mine) mi-ine (mine) mi-ine
    whoa-oa-oa-oh-oh (candy girl)

    when we're out together
    everyone knows the way we feel
    we both seem to glow with the glow of a love
    and it's plain to see
    our love is real

    i-yi-yi-yi'm happy as can be (candy girl)
    she-ee-ee-ee vows eternally (candy girl)
    to hold me (hold me) and love me (love me)
    until the end of time
    (she's mine) mi-ine (mine) mi-ine

    candy girl

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