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    It's a scene from the movie.
    It's an isle at the store.
    It's the view of a canyon.
    The sound of a sword.

    It's an orchard peaches.
    Your wife in the shower.
    While you wait for appointments.
    Or as you walk through the park.

    Oh. uh oh. Erection.

    You know it's not only love dear.
    That can flip the switch up.
    You know it probably should be.
    Maybe god fucked it up.

    Oh uh oh. Erection.

    It boiled up like a tower.
    A monument in the park.
    It's the cock of a rifle.
    A memory in the dark.

    You tried to keep it a secret.
    But now the world's gonna know.
    You tried for perfection.

    But then oh uh oh. erection.
    oh uh oh. erection.

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