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    Casual sex- is it irrational?
    I think it's time to find out why
    Soon I'll fall asleep it's nighttime
    In a dream there's a dolphin
    And a soldier are walking
    Through the sand for the door
    In an office theres a hostess
    Who carried a man and wheeled him into a drawrer
    She pulls his file
    The air is cold
    Down the aisle we follow her
    I'm thinking casual sex,
    The feeling
    Casual sex,
    The soldier's life's the same as mine
    He's attracted to a nun
    But the feeling of sex is nothing possinle yet
    A new wave soldier standing next to a young nun
    The nun just has a face,
    Her darkened skirt over her legs
    They're getting warmer towards the insides and they're tall
    The inexistance of time is not a painting,
    It's life
    They're into roads and gloves and goggle glass and carstops
    The feeling of sex is nothing possible yet
    A new wave soldier standing next to a young nun
    The sound of her voice and the handle of her robe
    Are getting thinner as the wind begins to speak
    The nun just strikes a pose
    The soldier's held against the floor
    He's walking backwards till he's pinned against stained glass.

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