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    her brow: pensive
    her knees: away
    i stand beside her
    but look straight ahead, and dissolve
    Before the night began on herring st. a book from school kept me wondering
    this may take a while i might never see this through
    and they said that chapter four repeats itself, along with three so far
    ....where are you, tonight?
    Its crowded at this sokol club
    and tonight will be the same
    i want her walk to scream with confidence
    above me
    i try to hide my thoughts and i, stare blankly through her face
    this seems so senseless
    She sees me breathing my hands are crippled clay
    this could have been different i hear myself say it again
    again, again!
    i break into a crowd of people i don't know which ones to trust...
    do you?

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