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    Black & white is all around
    And more is coming down
    Melt into the shades of gray
    Hence increased fatality
    Darkest day & blackest night
    Frigid all around
    Kill the rain & beat the cold
    Thaw me deep inside

    Push me in, lock the door
    And throw away the key
    Lay me down, wrap me up
    Give me light therapy
    All is bright, all is still
    But a tender symphony
    Go to sleep, from the pills
    This season's killing me

    Hit the bottle, fade to black
    The bottom lies above
    Broken back on borrowed time
    No plan to give it back
    Self destructive in excess
    A private anarchy
    Something died inside of me
    Frozen empathy

    Reside in sonnet industry
    Craven as i am
    Awaiting summer clarity
    A rapture in the breeze

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