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    Oe oee
    Here's a version of the truth
    Oe oee
    So make the time and hear me out
    Oe oee
    Before you pack and say goodbye
    Oe oee
    Forget your sleepy little town

    And every little schoolgirl
    Will fall in love with you
    Tempted by your sad face
    And the simple truth
    Never knew what hit you
    Just a product for the youth?

    Oe oee
    Are you strong enough for that?
    Oe oee
    All the drawbacks are concealed
    Oe oee
    And friendships will dissolve
    Oe oee
    They'll be applauding your decline

    Don't make this harder for me
    Than it already is
    I know you've got to try
    But so do i

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