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    P. Simmons/D. Ockerman

    This train I'm on is right on time
    In the mornin' I'll be there
    It's been so long since I held her in my arms
    I'm goin' back where I belong
    Where a love will always keep me safe from harm

    This train I'm on is right on time
    Now I know I'm on my way
    I can hear that whistle blow all down the line
    And as the towns go rollin' by
    I can almost smell the wind blow through the pines
    And they'll all be out to meet me
    'Cause there's no place where they treat you quite so fine

    Well I've been all around and I know there's no place better
    Sun is gonna shine again in my back door
    Each time the wheels go 'round
    I'm closer to the one I've waited for

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