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    Tom Johnston

    Sittin' by myself in the summertime, when the heat is burnin' down
    Watchin' the golden crops in the field just growin' without a sound
    I was a boy raised in the country and it's still a part of me
    And you see no matter where I go it's a beautiful memory
    Rise with sun at the break of day, lookin' out my window
    It's the same as yesterday

    Sittin' under an old oak tree, pickin' my guitar in the shade
    That old tree spreadin' over my head is the closest friend I made

    Just me and some lonely wooden music, floatin' through air
    The grass is rustlin' and the birds are singin' and my heart don't have a care
    Still another day finds me in the fields, sweat is soakin' up my ragged clothes
    But I'd rather work than steal

    Watchin' the sun settle down over open Texas land, looking at the cattle and the horses runnin' wild as they can
    Life was different in the old days, you just get a day's work done
    When you were finished workin' in the fields, there was chores at home to be done

    I was always hearin' music, always wanna play me some
    As a full-time friend or the way to ease the end of a woman that swayed me some
    Hearin' those tunes always had a way of soothin' out my soul
    When times got hard and work got slow it was music that kept me whole
    Sun beatin' down through the trees, gets so hot bring a workin' man to his knees
    Part of my heart, part of my soul, part of a melody
    Hands are clappin' and people swayin' in simple harmony
    Life was different in the old days, you just get a day's work done
    When you finished workin' in the fields there was chores at home to be done

    Late in the evenin' on the front porch when the sun is settin' in the west
    Me and the boys pass around the bottle and sing what we like best
    Sing about our wives, sing about our children, singin' out the Delta blues
    We're simple folks and we like it that way, got nothin' left to lose

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